Saturday, February 6, 2010


Bella Swan had just moved from Phoenix, Arizona that the majority of the hot weather to Forks, Washington is a majority of the rainy weather to stay with his father, Charlie, after his mother, Renée, married and living with her new husband, Phil, a baseball player. After moving to Forks, Bella finally drawn to a handsome mysterious boy, who was a classmate in Biology, Edward Cullen, who turns out to be a vegetarian vampire (vampire who drank blood of animals, not humans).

Edward has the ability as well as other vampires (strong, fast, when exposed to direct sun shining and the body at any given moment can change eye color) but it edward also has a talent to be able to read people's minds lain.tapi he can not read minds bella . At first, Edward tried to stay away from Bella because Edward always feel tempted to smell blood when Bella. However, over time, Edward finally able to overcome these problems and then they fell in love with each other, which makes the school talking about them. At one point, Bella invited to see the Cullen family to play baseball. Unexpectedly, suddenly there came a group of nomadic vampires who consist of James (the vampire with a talent to track), Victoria (the vampire with the instinct to escape the great and wonderful is the spouse of James), and Lauren. Once met with Bella, James had started Bella's blood. All the Cullen family members unite to save Bella. Bella had fled to Phoenix, Arizona with Alice (the vampire with a talent to see the future) and Jasper (the vampire with the talent around him to control feelings and a pair of Alice). We fled to Phoenix, Bella set up by James. Luckily, Edward and his family soon realized the loss of Bella and immediately rushed to go to save Bella. Edward arrived just in time and managed to save Bella, after which they soon returned to Forks and attend the prom diselenggrakan by their schools.

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