Friday, May 28, 2010

This story deals about an American hit-man(Nicolas Cage, also producer)in Thailand, he kills his victims with no remorse . The drug addict murderer forms a relationship with a young man(pleasant Shahkrit Yamnarm), as he teaches his craft to Thai hustler. Meanwhile, the killer falls in love with a deaf-mute( in the first version this handicap is borne by the murderous) pharmacist(enjoyable Charlie Young) and he shares brief moments of happiness.

This detailed study about an assassin and a youth he trains is an exciting movie with a great visual style. It concerns about murders, vengeance,love and this one delivers it well. The picture reworks many familiar issues, as a double-crossed hit-man in love. The rate of events blending drama and action are enhanced by extended length of the hunting scenes and occasional flashes of brilliance. There are a great deal of killing with some creative moments wrought from heavy stylistics and with a John Woo style. It succeeds in building intrigue, tension and nice performances, thanks to the affecting acting of the girl who plays the deaf and mute , she's frankly marvelous. The characters are well portrayed and they are persons for who the viewer has feeling and compassion. Worth it for the terse script and twists ending.

Furthermore, colorful and granulated cinematography by Decha Srimantra, usual of Pang brothers. Atmospheric musical score and fitting well to action by Brian Tyler ,author of Rambo 4, Constantine, War, among others soundtracks. The motion picture is professionally directed by Pang brothers(Messengers,Re-cycle,The eye 1, 2,3..),shooting during Thailand coup détat. Directors, Danny and Oxide Chun Pang did a cool but uneven work in making this violent story.

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Two years after the events in the previous film, The Bourne Identity, Jason Bourne and his girlfriend Marie Kreutz are living anonymously in Goa, India. Bourne is beginning to recover some of his memory, and is troubled by disjointed flashbacks of an assassination he carried out.

In Berlin, an agent under the command of CIA Deputy Director Pamela Landy is paying $3 million for the "Neski Files", documents about the theft of $20 million from the CIA seven years earlier. Meanwhile, in the basement, a Russian assassin named Kirill plants two bombs, one on the main power line, the other, with Bourne's fingerprint carefully applied, on a subline, and rigs it to malfunction. When the power is disrupted by the first bomb, Kirill kills both parties to the exchange and steals the files and money, which he later gives to his employer, Russian oil magnate Yuri Gretkov.

Kirill then travels to Goa to kill Bourne, but Bourne spots him first and flees with Marie. As Bourne and Marie are driving away, Kirill shoots and kills Marie; the car veers off the bridge into a river. Kirill leaves, believing that Bourne is dead. Distraught over Marie's death and believing the CIA is responsible, Bourne travels to Naples to find out why he has again been targeted.

Meanwhile, Landy tries to run the fingerprint that was extracted from the second bomb, but finds that it is linked to the CIA's secret Treadstone Project, and is denied access. Landy flies to CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia. After getting clearance from CIA Director Martin Marshall, she learns that the fingerprint is Bourne's and that CIA chief Ward Abbott ran the project. She questions him but he claims he does not know Bourne's whereabouts. Landy tells Abbott that the CIA agent who is believed to have stolen the $20 million was named in the "Neski" files. Vladimir Neski, a Russian politician and reformer, was going to identify the thief, but was murdered before he could do so, supposedly by his wife, who then committed suicide. Landy believes the latest killings were to cover up Bourne's involvement.

When Bourne arrives in Naples, he is detained and interrogated by Nevins, a US Consulate field officer. Nevins receives a phone call from Tom Cronin, CI Operations Officer in Langley, cautioning him that Bourne should be handled with extreme prejudice, as he's an Agency priority target. But before Nevins could draw his gun, Bourne effortlessly knocks out both Nevins and an Italian guard, and escapes after copying the SIM card of the unconscious agent's cell phone. This enables Bourne to listen in on a call from Landy; he learns her name and phone number, and that he is, somehow, the prime suspect in the recent killings. He then steals a car and drives to Munich, where he interrogates Jarda, the only other surviving Treadstone assassin. Jarda says the project was shut down following Alexander Conklin's death. When Bourne realizes that Jarda has called for backup, he attempts to take his captive to another location to interrogate him further. Jarda gets loose and attempts to kill Bourne, but Bourne strangles him after a fierce struggle, blows up his house with a toaster to cover his tracks and drives to Berlin.

Landy and Abbott travel to Amsterdam to debrief Nicky Parsons, Bourne's last Treadstone contact. Landy decides to bring Nicky to Berlin. Later, Bourne tracks Landy to the Westin Grand Hotel. He then tails her to the local CIA substation. Taking a position on the roof of an adjacent building, he sets up a sniper rifle and trains his sights on Landy. He telephones her and asks if she's running Treadstone. Putting the call on speaker, she says no. He agrees to come in, but only with someone he trusts, and chooses Nicky, after spotting her in the room with Landy. After Landy tries to deceive Bourne by saying she might not be able to find Nicky, Bourne replies her that she is standing right next to her. Landy and the others are startled to realize that Bourne is close by and has been spying on them. Despite Abbott's objections, Landy sends Nicky to the designated meeting place. However, Bourne manages to abduct Nicky and escape the cordon Landy has set up. He interrogates her and learns that Abbott, and not Conklin, was the head of Treadstone. He then has flashbacks of his first assassination mission that placed him in Berlin. When he questions Nicky about this, she denies he was ever assigned to Berlin. Bourne angrily insists that he was sent there and threatens Nicky, but spares her life and leaves.

Upon listening to their conversation, transmitted by Nicky's bug, Landy begins to believe that Bourne is being framed. Later, Bourne breaks into the hotel room in which Neski and his wife were murdered. Upon recognizing the room, he has a series of flashbacks and he realizes that he was responsible for their murder. Meanwhile, the hotel clerk recognizes him from a wanted poster and calls the police, who raid the hotel, but Bourne manages to escape.

At the CIA substation, Danny Zorn tells Abbott that he has something to show him in private. Zorn and Abbott return to the scene of the bombing, where Zorn points out that the second bomb was unnecessary and voices his suspicion that Bourne is being set up. Abbott then pulls out a knife and stabs Zorn to death, leaving him at the scene. When Landy is later informed that Zorn's body has been found, she immediately suspects Abbott and goes to confront him.

Meanwhile, Abbott returns to his hotel and calls Gretkov. He orders him to kill Bourne, as Bourne could implicate them in the theft of the $20 million. After refusing to carry out the order, Gretkov hangs up. Bourne then steps out of the shadows behind Abbott. He is tempted to kill Abbott, who tries to goad him into it, but out of respect for Marie's beliefs, he spares his life. He then shows Abbott that he has taped the telephone conversation between him and Gretkov. He places a handgun on Abbott's desk and leaves the hotel. When Landy shows up, Abbott points the gun at her. He refers to Zorn's death as "collateral damage" and says that he has no regrets. He then turns the gun on himself.

Bourne travels to Moscow to find Neski's daughter. The police, alerted by Landy, chase him. Kirill joins in the hunt, shooting Bourne in the shoulder. Bourne then steals a taxi and, after an extended car chase, forces Kirill's car into a concrete divider, then watches as Kirill dies, before walking away.

Gretkov is arrested by the Russian police, after Landy provides them with the tape sent by Bourne. Neski's daughter returns to her apartment to find Bourne waiting for her. He confesses that he killed her parents. Thinking of Marie, he explains, "When what you love is taken from would want to know the truth." He apologizes and leaves.

The final scene jumps to New York City, where Bourne phones Landy to ask why the CIA is still looking for him. After Landy thanks Bourne for supplying the Abbott tape, she tells Bourne his real name (David Webb), birth date (4/15/71) and place of birth (Nixa, Missouri). Bourne declines her offer to come back to the CIA and tells her to get some sleep, as she looks tired, indicating that he is again nearby and looking directly at her. Startled, Landy tries to spot him, but to no avail. The movie ends with Bourne walking the streets of New York City.

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Christine is an escort working in New York who specializes as a high class companion who offers the girlfriend experience. Lately, her clients are spending less and are troubled by the financial crisis, which is a frequent topic of discussion when she is with them. She also meets with a journalist who questions her about her work and personal life. She goes from client to client performing her services, and also discusses plans for a boutique and other ventures that will bring in more money.

She lives with her boyfriend, Chris, who is a personal trainer also struggling to make ends meet, as most of his clients will only pay for short term plans. Chris is asked by a client to go to Las Vegas for a weekend away, which he initially turns down because he won't be able to bring Chelsea and thinks she'll dislike him going without her. Christine meets with a website owner, "The Erotic Connoisseur", who reviews escorts and is blacklisted after she refuses his advances.

Christine then meets with a first time client, David, a writer from Los Angeles. They start to click after she opens up about her experience with the "The Erotic Connoisseur". David is married with children, but after one date wants to spend a weekend away with her, which is against the rules Chelsea and Chris agreed upon when they started dating. After an argument, in which they break up, Chelsea and Chris go their separate ways for the weekend to meet their respective clients. Chris and his client, along with several of his friends, fly to Vegas and party in a suite. Christine goes to meet David, who decides not to come out. She returns to New York alone.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

After watching DIRTY LOVE, a friend and I had a discussion about what makes a comedy like this work and why DIRTY LOVE failed so miserably in comparison to a film like DUMB & DUMBER. Both films include characters that are stupid idiots who fart, pee, and generally act in an obscene and vulgar manner, but DUMB & DUMBER is undeniably the better and funnier film of the two (even people who loath DUMB & DUMBER would certainly agree on this point). Why? The answer we came up with is that it has to do with the human element of comedy. When there is no humanity to be seen in the characters, the audience finds it difficult to identify with the improbable situation the characters find themselves in. There is a big difference between seeing Jenny McCarthy wallow in a puddle made of her own menstrual blood for no reason except to degrade her character even further than she already has been degraded and a scene in DUMB & DUMBER in which Jim Carrey accidentally kills one of the last two of a certain kind of owl in the world. The DUMB & DUMBER example, crude as it is, is a comment on society and the values of the characters and also was an expertly set up and executed joke. DIRTY LOVE's supermarket scene is just embarrassing.

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

I want to write something intelligent, but I assume that I should choose another movie for that. Oh well, I've seen this one yesterday, so let's see what my inspiration brings me.

I could write about the actors. There's not that many of them (low budget; the same people appear in different places of the house all the time), and they generally don't display much talent. This being said, it could also be the script, making them speak or behave in a very unnatural matter. However, I did like the fact that at least the leading ladies were capable of facial expressions. I truly regret that some highly acclaimed actors miss out on this field. It's one thing to passionately say the lines, but it's another thing to express it visually. I refer to that horrible thing called Zoolander, and the 'look' that means everything (actually the best part of that movie).

I could write about the plot, and then one sentence should do the trick: a girl wants to get some, and for some strange reason it's problematic. No plot worth mentioning, but hey, if you see this movie, it's probably because of the title, not because of the contents.

I could write about the setting. It's a house, and it's a damn big one. Amazing how many bedrooms are allegedly in there, and how many people manage to make out undisturbed. And only one tiny bathroom. As a European I always wondered ... do people actually go to someone's house and soil every bedroom? For sure they don't do that here.

I could write about the camera-work. Not HD, more like a professional attempt to use a handycam, but it only disturbs in the beginning.

I could write about the nudity. Ah, here's the thing, the girls look good. Again I refer to the two leading ladies, who are hot. They should seriously be offered chances in bigger productions, and not only because of their physique, but also because I believe that there's actual talent present. As for the guys in this movie, please don't bother.

Okay, I had my fun writing this. I watched the movie, didn't find it good, but I kept watching because of the leading girls. Also, I admit that in the second half, there were some good funny scenes. I don't regret seeing it, but I would advise the use of alcohol and male friends as company.

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Review :
How bad can a low budget movie be? Well it can be bad and very bad and then it can just be simply retarded.

This is very bad - but still has some silliness to be classified as funny in some manner.

It's not really a horror and never could be considered one.

It's simply too stupid to be one.

The opening scene in the movie theater is great - along with the sexy psychiatrist and the stuffed doll is really cool.

The over the top acting and effects were just too absurd to be stupid and yet they were not great either.

Just like this review, it keeps you watching for some reason or other and it's not because it's any good really.

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Friday, May 21, 2010

The plot: A girl (Jenna Dewan), who has devoted her life to chastity and following rules, goes to college on scholarship from an organization that promotes celibacy. She inadvertently gets drunk at a party and is filmed topless by "Chicks Go Crazy" (this movie's fictional version of "Girls Gone Wild"). She and her new-found college friends embark on a journey to save her reputation and her scholarship by getting the footage back. Along the way she learns lots of lessons about life and love, and we see a lot of breasts.

Although it has lots of (attempted) college humor, the storyline is that of a typical formulaic teen movie, complete with morals and cliché moments. Sometimes it's rather painful. One scene in particular stands out in my mind, where the main character and a guy who's falling in love with her are listening to the radio and actually break out into song (clearly lip-syncing with prerecorded voices). Reminded me of Aladdin ("A Whole New World").

I think what annoyed me most was the background music, which is cornily reminiscent of typical family films ("Honey I Shrunk the Kids" came to mind specifically, for some reason). I've never seen a film that contained so much adult content and yet felt so geared towards being a family movie. I really don't know who this movie was made for. On the one hand, the story is so fluffy it seems like pubescent girls were the target demographic. On the other hand there's the raunchy college humor and frequent nudity. So I'm not really sure who they were hoping this would appeal to.

As a late edit to this comment: I wanted to mention one positive aspect of this film, and that is its message regarding "Girls Gone Wild", which was aimed perhaps at those girls who value that kind of attention. The message is delivered in true teen cliché fashion, but nevertheless, it is a decent message that I haven't seen mentioned before.

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

I went to this movie on the day it came out in London expecting to see something which was like the first 3, but maybe had a little change, maybe a twist from the original 3.. But i was left disappointed as it is the same as the previous 3 and is just obvious and you can just tell whats going to happen. When this situation develops, you are just going to the movie to see gruesome deaths which just send a tingle down your spine of utter disgust. This movie gets 4 stars because of the following 2 stars- 3D 2 stars- acting of Nick Zano (hunt) I don't recommend this film, but if you are a big fan of The Final Destination and are ready to see gruesome deaths based on the same concept in 3D then this movie is for you.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Crazies, a remake of a seldom-seen 1972 George Romeo film, is about a small town whose inhabitants drink tainted water and become deranged. The movie is slick but still terrifying, relying not only on wacked-out effects but also on unadulterated suspense to really rattle your nerves.

At a Little League game in Ogden Marsh, Iowa, a man wanders into the outfield carrying a shotgun. When the man raises the weapon, Sheriff David Dutton (Timothy Olyphant) shoots him dead. But the man wasn't drunk, he'd just gone crazy. Dutton investigates further, with the help of his deputy Russell (Joe Anderson), and discovers that a plane carrying a deadly cargo has crashed into a nearby creek, thus poisoning the town's drinking water.

From there, events quickly get out of hand, as anyone who'd drunk water from their taps becomes first listless and unresponsive, then mumbly, then completely unhinged. But that's only the beginning of the nightmare for the town, which is then surrounded by a military force bent on containing the virus by any means necessary.

This is only kind of a zombie film. I mean, no one's dining on the flesh of their living compatriots, there's no shambling, and mindless killing. (There's plenty of killing, but the afflicted people still have the capacity for reason.) One thing I liked about this was that precious time isn't spend trying to discover the reason for everyone's behavior; attention is focused on the survivors and how they react to what's going on. I also appreciated that at no time does anyone, even the sheriff, have this superhuman ability to know what must be done and how to do it. Dutton isn't a superhero, he's a sheriff.

Another thing that helps a lot is the pacing. Too often, things either move so quickly that you can't figure out what's being done to whom or too slowly so that the suspense angle becomes the boredom angle. This is crucial for a horror film, which basically trafficks in suspense. Director Breck Eisner keeps the action coming without holding up the story (e.g., no drawn-out standoffs when it would look implausible), and there are plenty of creeping-up-on-you moments to choke twelve cows.

Olyphant looks a lot like a younger Bill Paxton here, and he's a good fit - Sheriff Dutton is a solid leader, but he's not an improbable one. He's the kind of guy who rises to the occasion, not surpasses it completely. If you're looking for a movie where the hero is always armed to the teeth and subsequently never gets much more than a scratch on him, this isn't for you. Dutton has to constantly fight with his own instincts and change his attitude during the course of the movie (save everyone, save his wife, save a few people, save himself).

People who make horror movies know they're making them for a pretty select audience. Lots of people don't like horror movies at all, and those who do are somewhat picky about them (particularly with so many big-budget ones from which to choose), so standards are high. It's important to grab that core audience, show them something they haven't seen or haven't seen done particularly well, then smack them upside the head. Classic horror films used the horror of the unseen to great effect, and more-recent genre films try the same thing. (One reason for this is that we've become inured to in-your-face slasher films, because the anticipation of the slasher doing his slashing has largely been eroded. But that's a digression right there.

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Monday, May 17, 2010

The teen-movie genre returns with "Mean Girls," and it comes back with a vengeance. What could have been a tired and clichéd retread of "Heathers" is actually a clever and witty flick thanks to the talents of screenwriter Tina Fey. Fey, head writer for "Saturday Night Live" and co-anchor of their "Weekend Update," has an amazing flair for satire, and what better way to showcase it than with a analytical glimpse at the world of high school cliques? Lindsay Lohan is Cady, the previously home-schooled daughter of two zoologists, growing up in the African wilderness while Mom and Dad conduct their research. When the 'rents decide to settle down, Cady gets her first taste of public schooling, which is almost as wild as the jungles and safaris she's used to. Cady is introduced to the different factions that populate the cafeteria—including the nympho band geeks, the nerdy Asians, the cool Asians, the varsity jocks and of course, the Plastics, teen royalty led by the manipulative Regina George (Rachel McAdams).

Cady is encouraged to infiltrate the Plastics by her new friends Janice (Lizzy Caplan), a gothy and arty outcast who possesses a Janaene Garafalo-style wit, and the flamboyantly out-and-proud Damian (Daniel Franzese), who fears the Plastics but admires their fabulousness. Cady agrees to the sabotage scheme, but it's not long before she succumbs to the glamorous life of the Plastics and starts to engage in their underhanded activities, such as writing in their "Burn Book," in which nasty (and hilarious) things are jotted down about every girl in their high school.

It all might sound like the typical teen fare, but the result is nothing like that. The cast is surprisingly flawless, from Lohan (who brings a depth to her role that Hilary Duff could only ever dream of achieving) to the entire supporting cast, which is filled with current "SNL" members and alums. Fey herself shows up along with Tim Meadows as sardonic members of the high school faculty, while Ana Gasteyer and Amy Poehler portray parents who just don't understand. Poehler steals every scene she's in as Regina's "cool mom," desperately trying to fit in by doing things like offering minors alcohol at her home, because she'd rather have them drinking there than somewhere else.

The younger members of the cast don't let the veterans walk away with the whole show though. Caplan and Franzese own their roles, Franzese particularly when Damian displays his adulation for Christina Aguilera during a holiday talent show. The other members of the Plastics shine as well. Besides the deliciously vindictive McAdams as the Queen Bee, the crew includes former "Party of Five" actress Lacey Chabert as the gossipy Gretchen and Amanda Seyfried as the clueless Karen, who's not above making out with her first cousin (because "there's cousins, and then there's first cousins and second cousins…").

Fey, with the help of director Mark Waters ("Freaky Friday," "The House of Yes"), has infused the film with her trademark comedic brilliance. The jokes and gags come at a break-neck pace, but the punch lines aren't the only hilarious aspects. Little touches such as Gretchen's dad being the inventor of Toaster Strudels and Regina's MTV obsessed little sister are details that will inspire laughter long after the movie is over. Even the particulars about the background characters should provide endless chuckles (just try to think about Trang Pak, the girl in wheelchair and her little person-sidekick, and the Middle-Eastern, hip-hop-obsessed mathlete/"Bad-Ass MC" after the movie without smiling).

If there's anything to complain about in this film, it's the overt sexualization of teenage girls. Of course, the actresses are older than they play, with the exception of Lohan (who, at 17 years old, brings an R. Kelly-like meaning to "The Parent Trap"). Parents might see the Disney-friendly actress in the trailers and bring their young children, but this movie is not for those under high school age (girls are called "sluts" and "whores" throughout). However, that doesn't mean anyone who's older than the class of 2004 shouldn't check "Mean Girls" out. Fey, Waters, and the entire cast have made sure the experience will be enjoyable for everyone.

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010


In Chicago, the lonely architect Alex Wyler has a troubled relationship with his father Simon Wyler. In 2004, he buys an old glass house in a lake, designed and built by his father, and he finds a message in his mailbox from the former tenant, the also lonely Dr. Kate Forster, asking to deliver her correspondence in an address downtown. Alex meets his brother Henry in Chicago and when they go to the address with Dr. Forster’s correspondence, they find a building of luxury apartments under construction to be delivered eighteen months later. After some messages, Alex and Kate disclose that she is living in 2006 and Alex in 2004, they fall in love for each other and they try to find means to meet each other.

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